Nino Kvrivishvili‘s exhibition titled „Ширина 126 ± 2 см“ at Galerie Melike Bilir presents an
installation with handmade textiles. The works executed in a wool, linen and hemp are based
on the textile making traditions in Georgia and former Soviet countries. They represent the
old patterns from the soviet textile industry as the historical data, they are the evidence of
the soviet textile producing sample and in whole show the artist’s vision to the surrounding
environment. Starting with hand weaving textile technique and later continuing with it’s
industrialization era textile production had a significant influence on the development of the
light industry in Georgia. In the mid of 20th century the Soviet period machines which made
the manufacturing processes more efficient and faster developed new perspectives of textiles
striving to evolve different techniques and styles. Thus, inspired by the narratives of the
surrounding textiles, mill stories, feminine work that occupied a specific place in the political
economy of Georgia, Nino Kvrivishvili came up to her hand-woven works made in old technique
where images depict the characteristics of the Soviet period light industry, as a tool for
contemporary textile making process. The title of the exhibition ‚ширина‘ (width) is one of the
characteristics she uses for measuring the size of the work to indicate how fabric could have
been increased or reduced during the production. Patterns from the textile industrial history
woven into her works describe the weight, quantity of produced pieces, date of production
and fixed price - which had been officially set by the economic policies of the Soviet government.
Accordingly in her installation the artist shows us the works with these symbols, and
as a result expose her approach to past soviet textile production as an art.