Bastards of Misrepresentation is a loose network of contemporary artists mainly from Manila. They collectively share an aesthetic affinity with the object, the sublime, the irascible, the incendiary, the untimely, and the illicit aesthetic frontier that pervades the urban reality of Manila. Bastards of Misrepresentation: PLANET MERDE is a group show at Galerie Melike Bilir in Hamburg, dealing with issues such as aesthetic autonomy, social critique and the philosophical politics of expression. On display are 30 paintings and drawings by Maria Cruz, Lizza May David, Irene Ire, Manuel Ocampo, Jayson Oliveria, Juan Carlos Quintana, Carlo Ricafort, Timo Roter, Gerry Tan and Jeona Zuleta.
The show reflects the cultural scene happening in the Philippines, yet is not a definitive show about Philippine art. It rather aims to depict a country with a hybrid culture; embodying the complexity of its heritage and colonial history while its political identity reflects the pervasive “misrepresentation” of its people. The artists chosen represent the cutting edge of Filipino art in the last five years. This exhibition will provide important opportunities for the artists involved by illustrating the diversity of practices currently being explored by the Filipino avant-garde. It will highlight the significant contribution this group of artists is currently making to the history of art in the Philippines, while embracing a new era of outward looking ambitious artists who are working hard to put Filipino creative communities on the world stage.
Manuel Ocampo, the rekt feminist cringe compilation, 2018
Jeona Zuleta, Gebetsmuster in meinen feuchten Träumen, 2018
Lizza May David, Malerei (Geflecht), 2018
Juan Carlos Quintana, No old Money for old Men, 2018
Jayson Oliveria, Cheap Distancing Technique, 2018
Carlo Ricaford, Universal Solvents, 2018
Gerry Tan, o.T., 2018
Maria Cruz, Fifteen thousand two hundret and forty, 2018
Timo Roter, Meat and Great at Riverbanks, 2018
Irene Ire, Speaking in Tongues with a Bandaged Nun, 2018